What is calligraphy and how can we help you?

 Calligraphy is the art form of beautiful handwriting based off thick downstrokes and thin hairlines traditionally used to tell a story and document announcements, weddings, birth and death certificates. 

IndelibleInk Calligraphy carries on this traditional practice to document and story tell through events and weddings, personalised keepsakes for special occasions and elevating brand experiences through on-site events and brand activations.

Calligraphy & Lettering

Our signature style is the combination of traditional copperplate script with modern calligraphy. 

We can script for formal occasions using copperplate script with flourishes as well as using brush pens, paints, paint markers, brush markers and oil based markers to create fun and playful scripts depending on your event!


IndelibleInk Calligraphy handwritten menu expertise flourishes
IndelibleInk Calligraphy handwritten flourishing traditional copperplate script flourishes

Hand Engraving & Glass Etching

 Our hand engraving service is completely bespoke with a unique script that is engraved with love and care – something that laser engraving machines simply cannot replicate.

We use portable, quiet and micro tools that can be brought on-site to events or this service can also be done at our in-house studio.

You can also choose to filled your engraved message with colours such as gold and silver for that extra special touch.

Hand Engraving Process

IndelibleInk Calligraphy hand engraving

1. Your message is outlined and hand engraved using our specialised micro drill

2. Metallic colours can be added to to fill the engraving to enhance the contrast on the product

IndelibleInk Calligraphy engraving

3.  The piece is carefully tidied up to reveal our finished product – something that is personalised and sure to impress!

Ideal surfaces for engraving

Glass and some metals 

Wine and liquor bottles

Perfume bottles

Glass candles

Skincare and cosmetic bottles and jars

Stainless steel water bottles

Mirror compacts

Glass makeup surfaces

Hot Foiling

Choose to have your initials or name embossed in our hand written calligraphy to differentiate your product from the limited fonts offered by standard machine embossing.

We use a small, portable and noise-less hot tipped pen that can be brought on-site to your event or brand activation or used in our studio to create your own personalised items.

Foil Embossing imprints into your surface and serves as an indelible keepsake.

Foil Embossing Process

  1. The foil is taped down on the surface of application. Our calligraphy style is free handed with the hot tip pen, imprinting the calligraphy application on the product.

2. Peel and reveal…

3. A permanent and luxurious application of a hot foiled personalised keepsake!

Ideal surfaces for hot foiling

Cardstock paper

Leather goods


Leather key chains

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