About the In-House Studio

Established in an inner northern suburb of Melbourne,  IndelibleInk Calligraphy’s studio is a space that believes in inclusivity and diversity. Our philosophy is to highlight the importance of our human and emotional connection through calligraphy and storytelling.  We strive to create lasting keepsakes you can treasure whilst creating opportunities to work with other local Australian artists.


We are extremely proud as a local Australian business and source our tools locally from other small businesses and vendors that share the same values.

About the creative

Hi – thank-you for being here!

I’m Claire, the creative behind IndelibleInk Calligraphy. Born and raised in Melbourne (the home of good food!), I love all things vintage related: vinyl players, film photography and of course, calligraphy.

Over time, I have found personalised gifts invaluable and priceless – those handwritten notes from high school friends and letters from my grandmother – these are the gifts not easily replicated and I treasure them very closely to my heart. 

I hope to create these indelible keepsakes for you to also be able to reminiscence on all the special moments throughout your life and enable you to share these stories with your loved ones.

 If you want to get in touch to say hi or have a custom project in mind you want to discuss, feel free to contact me below or through our social pages.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Engraving for Ralph Lauren Pty Ltd

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